Spring 2010 Class Schedule: Additional Information

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You may have seen it already: the schedule for the upcoming Spring semester was published today. You can go to Patriotweb, see the schedule, and plan your course selection for the Spring semester. A few courses merit further explanation as they are either new or offered in a revised format. Read the full story for important information about additional courses that can be used to meet the elective core requirement, a new high-end networking course, a combined version of TCOM 509/29, and the introduction of distance education courses.
In the Spring semester, we will be offering a 3-credit hour course (TCOM 590 section 001) entitled "Comprehensive IP" that combines the contents of TCOM 509 and TCOM 529. Both students and faculty have expressed concerns about the half-semester format that we use for some of our courses. There is the issue of the shorter add and drop periods for 1.5 credit courses that concerns students and faculty are concerned about the overhead induced by the split into two half-semester courses. There is also the non-trivial issue that a 15-week semester is not easily split into two equal halves. For that reason, Prof. Tran will experiment with offering our TCOM 509/29 courses as a single 3-credit hour course. If this experiment is successful, some or all of the split courses may be moved to a full-semester format. If you have opinions on this topic, leave a comment or let us know. The perceived advantage of the split format is that it increases flexibility for working students; we are addressing this issue by the introduction of distance courses as described below. Students taking the "Comprehensive IP" course will fill out a Substitution and Waiver Form to ensure that this course is counted as equivalent to TCOM 509/29.
This semester we are offering a new course (TCOM 690) on "IP Multicasting"  taught by Prof. Sheppard. Since this course has drawn significant interest we are offering another advanced course in the area of networking protocols and Technologies. In the Spring semester, Prof. Sheppard will offer TCOM 690 entitled "Enterprise Network Architectures." The course will cover topics, including virtual private networks and quality of service. Students need a solid understanding of IP routing protocols and exposure to MPLS. This course can also be used towards the ANPT certificate; to included this course in the ANPT certificate students must submit a Substitution and Waiver Form.
In the Spring semester, we will also offer two additional options to satisfy the elective core requirement. The program requires students to take two course from PUBP 726, LAW 181, TCOM 750, and (one of) TCOM 514 or 515. Two courses offered in the Spring expand this list; TCOM 590 section 003 entitled "Turning Ideas into Successful Companies" has been offered several times before and focuses on entrepreneurship. TCOM 590 section 002, "Intellectual Property Strategies", focuses on legal aspects of interest to Telecommunications engineers with an emphasis on intellectual property. Students taking either of these course will need to submit a  Substitution and Waiver Form to ensure that they receive credit towards the elective core requirement.
In the Spring semester, the TCOM program will begin to offer distance education courses. These courses can be taken without ever attending class and therefore work extremely well for students with demanding travel schedules. Initially, we will be offering two courses on-line TCOM 500 and TCOM 501/02; these are marked by the word "NET" for the location and the prefix "DL" in the section number. Our plan is to roll out at least two additional course in on-line format until it is possible to complete the entire program on-line. A separate article discusses this plan in more detail. As always, your feedback is very welcome.
As you can see, we have many exciting plans for the Spring semester and look forward to seeing you in class. 

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Have you taken Prof.

Have you taken Prof. Sheppard's classes? I've heard really good things about them and I'm curious about how advanced the information is. I don't know much about IP routing protocols.

Non Degree course

I'm excited about the new courses and the option of having the online classes. Is the online option for TCOM 501/502 courses applicable to non degree students and can one be able to register for it this spring 2010 class?