Fall 2011 Semester Additional Information

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The Fall 2011 semester is only a few days away; we're looking forward to seeing you all back on campus at the end of August. There are a few things that you may not be familiar with and I would like to explain those to you. These include course pairs TCOM 509/529 and TCOM 519/539 being offered as full-semester courses, a reminder of courses that were recently introduced, options for meeting the Elective Core requirement, and the courses that are available as on-line distance education courses.

As in the past few semesters, we are again offering one section of TCOM 509/529 and TCOM 519/539 as full-semester, 3-credit hour courses. The course TCOM 590 section 001 titled "Comprehensive Voice over IP" is equivalent to the combination of TCOM 519 and TCOM 539. Similarly, one section of the TCOM 509/529 course pair is offered as TCOM 590 section 003 titled "Comprehensive IP". You can register for either TCOM 509 and TCOM 529 or for section 003 of TCOM 590.
Offered for the third time this semester are TCOM 690 section 001 titled "IP Multicast and TCOM 547 "Project Management." The "IP Multicast" course assumes a solid background in IP routing at the level of our BGP and IGP courses and can be used as an elective towards the ANPT certificate. TCOM 690 section 003 titled "Advabced Routing" is an advanced lab class that is offered for the second time.
The TCOM 547 "Project Managment"  course teaches students about best practices for deploying large, complex telecommunications projects and may be used to satisfy the Elective Core requirement. Students interested in taking the PUBP 726 class towards the Elective Core requirement, should register for PUBP 710 section 003 (Instructor: Prof. S. Ruth) in the Fall 2011 semester. The LAW 181 class is not available this semester.
We are offering six courses this semster in distance educations format. These are TCOM 500, TCOM 501/02, TCOM 509/529, TCOM 516/526, TCOM 552, and TCOM 610. The format of these courses, allows students to connect synchronously (live) via the Internet into the class room. Generally, recordings of classes are also available for students who have missed a class. To enroll in a distance education class, students must enroll in a section that starts with the letters "DL" (e.g., section "DL1"). Students enrolled in a distance education section have the option to come to class in person or participate on-line.