Fall 2010 Class Schedule: Additional Information

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The Fall semester is only a few weeks away; we're looking forward to seeing you all back on campus at the end of August. As in prior semesters, there are a few changes that you may not be familiar with and I would like to explain those to you. These include course pairs TCOM 509/529 and TCOM 519/539 being offered as full-semester courses, a reminder of courses that were recently introduced, and the courses that are available as on-line distance education courses.
We are offering two of the courses that have traditionally been offered as half-semester course pairs as single full-semester courses. Our VoIP courses (TCOM 519/539) are offered as TCOM 590 001 under the title "Comprehensive Voice over IP." Similarly, one of the TCP/IP (TCOM 509/529) sections is offered as TCOM 590 002 with the title "Comprehensive IP;" note, that we still offer one section of TCOM 509/529 under the original format. The full-semester credit are for all intents and purposes identical to the respective pairs of half-semester courses. The course instructors have requested the full-semester format to gain more flexibility and also reduce the overhead associated with exams. Students benefit additionally because they have the full add and drop periods available to adjust their schedules. Looking forward, we anticipate that most, if not all, courses will become full-semester courses.
Because they were very successful, we are offering again TCOM 690 "Multicast IP" and TCOM 547 "Project Management." The Multicast IP course assumes a solid background in IP routing at the level of our BGP and IGP courses and can be used as an elective towards the ANPT certificate. The "Project Management" course may be applied towards the Elective Core requirement.
You may remember from last semester's announcements that the MS in Telecommunications is launching an on-line, distance education program. This program leverages our existing courses and makes them available to students remotely. Last semester, all our on-line students were relatively close but I know that in the coming semester we will have students from a different time-zone. In the Fall semester we will again offer TCOM 500 and TCOM 501/502 as on-line courses. Additionally, we will offer TCOM 509/529 and TCOM 552 over the Internet.
Even if you are planning to attend classes in person, you may benefit from enrolling in a class that has a distance education section. All classes will be recorded and are available for review. Also, if you have to miss a class, e.g., because of travel, you can connect to your class over the Internet and not miss a class. Our plan is to expand this part of the program by two classes each semester until the entire program is on-line.