Course Information for the Spring 2011 Semester

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The Spring semester is nearly here and I want to take the opportunity to welcome you back for the new semester. At the same time, this note contains some clarification and additional information about the courses offered in the MS in TCOM program in the upcoming semester. Read carefully about new or rarely offered courses, options to meet the elective core requirement, and courses offered on-line.

New and Infrequently Offered Courses
We will be offering for the first time a course on Wireless Network Service Architectures. This course aims to bridge the fundamentals of IP and wireless networking. It addresses the increasingly important question how wireless access network are integrated with the fixed network infrastructure. As such it is highly recommended for students concentrating on IP networks (ANPT) as well as those with a wireless emphasis. 
Additionally, the MPLS course will be offered for the first time since the Fall 09 semester. Also in the area of advanced networking, courses on Enterprise Network Architectures and Advanced Routing are available. The security area benefits from the course offerings though the CFRS program with which many of our courses are cross-listed, including Incident Response Forensics and Advanced Secure Networking
Just as in prior semesters, the VoIP course will again be offered as a 3-credit hour course as TCOM 590 005 with the title Comprehensive Voice over IP. Similarly, one section of TCOM 509/529 will be offered again as a single 3-credithour course as TCOM 590 001 Comprehensive IP. Additionally, the course pair on optical communications (TCOM 503/513) is also combined into a single course and offered as TCOM 590 004 with the title Optical Communications.
Elective Core Options
In addition to the elective core options that are published in the catalog (TCOM 750 and TCOM 514 or TCOM 515), there are two additional options available in the Spring semester. For the second time, the course titled Intellectual Property Strategies (TCOM 590 002) provides TCOM students with a relevant introduction of legal aspects of technology with an emphasis on intellectual property law. Also offered is the entrepreneurial course entitled Turning ideas into Successful Companies (TCOM 590 003). Either of these courses may be taken to satisfy the elective core requirement of the program.
On-line Courses
The following courses are offered in an on-line format in the Spring semester. Please, review the new university policy regarding on-line courses to decide if it may be beneficial for you to enroll in the on-line section of a course.