Big Changes are Coming - Reorganization of Courses

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Beginning with the Fall semester 2015, some big changes are coming to the TCOM program. We have reorganized the TCOM courses with the goal to eliminate the 1.5 credit half-semester courses from the program. Towards that end, we have combined pairs of 1.5 credit courses into single 3 credit hour cours. You will see these changes when the Fall schedule becomes available. Similarly, the catalog descriptions for all TCOM programs have been updated. Read on to learn about the detailed changes.

If you have taken 1.5 credit hour courses in the past, they will count towards your degree or certificate as before. However, if you have taken only one half of a course pair and you are left with a number of credits that is not divisible by 3, contact the program office to discuss your options.

The table below shows the old course pairs and the new course that replaces each pair.

Old Course Pair New Course
TCOM 501 and 502 TCOM 530: Data Communications Fundamentals
TCOM 509 and 529 TCOM 535: The TCP/IP Suite of Internet Protocols
TCOM 503 and 513 TCOM 608: Optical Communications Systems
TCOM 516 and 526 TCOM 653: Global Positioning System (GPS)
TCOM 519 and 539 TCOM 631: Voice over IP
TCOM 548 and 556 TCOM 561: Security, Privacy, and Applied Cryptography for Telecommunications

Don't hesitate to ask the program office if you have questions regarding these changes.