Amit Puranik Receives First Ever SSPI Scholarship

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Amit Puranik with representatives from SSPI and Dean Griffiths at the "Best and Brightest Reception"

Amit Puranik, a second year student in the MS in Telecommunications program at George Mason University, was selected as the first recipient of the SSPI scholarship, sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Society of Satellite Professionals International.  He was presented with this award by representatives from SSPI at the Volgenau School's Best and Brightest Reception on October 8.

The Society of Satellite Professionals International is is a nonprofit member-benefit society that serves satellite professionals throughout their careers. The Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter of SSPI  (SSPI MA) is headquartered in Washington, DC, is sponsoring an annual scholarship for students pursuing studies related to satellite communications at George Mason University. The objectives of this scholarship are to raise awareness among students about the exciting professional opportunities that exist in the satellite industry and to attract talented students to pursue a career in the field.

Amit Puranik began his graduate studies in Telecommunications at George Mason University in the Fall of 2009. He holds a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Mumbai in India. He is expected to complete his MS in Telecommunication with concentration in wireless communications in the Spring semester 2011. Amit currently has a 3.9 GPA despite taking very challenging technical courses including Advanced Mobile Communications Systems, Satellite Communications, and Advanced Link Design. He was chosen as the first recipient of the SSPI scholarship by unanimous choice of the selection committee.

Amit Puranik with Representatives from the SSPI Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter.

Amit was recognized as the SSPI scholarship winner at the Volgenau School's annual Best and Brightest Reception. He was presented with a certificate for this scholarship by SSPI MA representatives Lynette Simmons (President SSPI MA), Joan Mancuso (Chair, Scholarship & Education, SSPI MA), Karen Monaghan (Chair of Communications/Publicity, SSPI MA), Karen Yasumura (Board Member, SSPI MA), and Pat Rayermann (Treasurer, SSPI MA). Additionally, the Telecommunication program's long-time adjunct faculty and member of the SSPI Hall of Fame, D.K. Sachdev, was in attendance.


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Hey Shane,
Thank you so much for your appreciation. I wish you too a very bright future.
Thanks once again!

Hi Amit, It is really great.

Hi Amit,
It is really great. You make us feel proud. Good luck for your future and wish you keep on working hard to acquire new heights in your life.
God bless you....all the best.

Heartiest Congratulations to Amit

If one were to collect the diverse qualities that I hold dear in humanity as a whole, and mould them into the form of a single individual, that person would have to be Amit Puranik. Almost everyday, I discover a new facet of this individual, which puts him still higher on my pedestal of deference. For this kid, nothing is too small or big, once he gets his heart into it. Keep it up!

Thank you

Thank you so much Bhushan. It helps to get encouragement from friends and it keeps me going. This one is special. Thanks once again.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot.


Hey Amit, 
Congrats!! It feels really very proud!!

Thank you!

Thank you!