Additional Information for the Spring 2012 Semester

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Welcome back to the Spring 2012 Semester. To help you finalize your course selections for the Spring, here are a few additional pieces of information, including alternative offerings for 509/29 and 519/39, new and exciting courses that are not yet listed in the catalog, additional options for satisfying the elective core requirement, and a list of courses that are available in distance education format.

Combined Courses

Like in other recent semesters, we are again offering one section of TCOM 509/29 and 519/39 as full-semester, 3 credit hour courses. The course TCOM 590 section 005 titled "Comprehensive Voice over IP" is equivalent to the combination of TCOM 519 and TCOM 539. Similarly, one section of the TCOM 509/529 course pair is offered as TCOM 590 section 001 titled "Comprehensive IP". You can register for either TCOM 509 and TCOM 529 or for section 001 of TCOM 590. Both course are completely equivalent to their split-semester counterparts.

New Courses

We have added a total of five new or recent courses to expand our offerings of courses at the high end. You can view the syllabi of the respective course for detailed information in addition to the following brief remarks. TCOM 690 001, entitled Enterprise Network Architectures, is offered for the third time. It focuses on advanced topics in IP networking, including QoS and IPSec. The focus of TCOM 690 002, with title Wireless Network Service Architectures, is the critically important connection between wireless access networks and the internet; this course is an excellent choice for students with an interest in wireless communications. TCOM 690 003, Advanced Routing Lab, follows the same lecture/lab format as TCOM 514 and 515 but tackles advanced topics in routing in a hands-on manner. The new course, TCOM 690 005, Scalable Network Architectures, is another hands-on course that introduces students to the fundamental concepts of cloud computing. This course was created in direct response to expressed student interest and important trends in the industry. Finally, TCOM 690 004, Radiowave Propagation, builds on the concepts in TCOM 607 and exposes students to more sophisticated and in-depth treatments of the analysis and design of communications links. All of the above courses can be used as electives for appropriate certificates: ANPT (TCOM 690 001, TCOM 690 002, TCOM 690 003, and TCOM 690 005), NETT (TCOM 690 005), and WIRE (TCOM 690 002 and TCOM 690 004).

Elective Core Options

Beyond the standard options for satisfying the elective core requirement (TCOM 514 or 515, and TCOM 750), students can again take either TCOM 590 002, Intellectual Property Strategies, or TCOM 590 003, From Ideas to Successful Companies. The course on Intellectual Property Strategies introduces students to legal aspects relevant for network engineers and emphasizes the critically important protection of inventions and other valuable intellectual property. Similarly, the course entitled "From Ideas to Successful Companies" is an enterpreneurial, hands-on course taught by successful enterpreneurs who will pass on invaluable experience about starting and operating a succesful business.

Distance Education Courses

The Spring 2012 will see the largest number of courses offered in distance education format to date. A total of seven courses (TCOM 500, 501/02, 509/29, 548/56, 590 002, 610, and 690 001) will be available in the synchronous, internet based format that we have used in recent years. As a reminder, students enrolled in the DL section of a course have the option to come to class and attend lectures in person or follow the class via the internet. Additionally, only students in the DL section have access to recorded lectures. Thus, the DL format is ideally suited not only for remote students but also for students who anticipate that they may have to miss a few lectures.