But when is the best time to transfer to regular status?

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For a student in non-degree status, probably the best time to apply for admission in regular, degree seeking status is in the semester when you are taking courses that will bring your total number of credits to 9 or 12 in the MS in Telecommunications program. For example, if you started the first semester taking TCOM 500 and the pair TCOM 501/502 and were successful in both courses, you now have 6 credits in the program. In the next semester, whether you sign up for one 3-credit class or two 3-credit classes (bringing your overall total in the program to 9 or 12 credits, respectively), you must submit your application to enter the program as a regular master's student by the due date in that semester. If you miss the appliation deadline you will have to sit out a semester to avoid losing credits. It is possible to apply for admission in regular staus during your first semster.
HINT: Application for regular status requires three letters of recommendation. If you do not already have these, you should request such letters of recommendation from the instructors who teach you while you are a non-degree student.