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Realistically, how long will this master's degree take?

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Most students find that they can handle 6 credit hours a semester without it having a serious impact on their professional careers. Taking six credit hours every fall and spring semester, but none in the summer session, means that it will be about 30 months from start to finish for the degree. Taking courses in the summer session speeds up the degree completion, but it is not recommended that students take more than one summer course per year.
All of the core courses are generally offered in the summer. If TCOM 500 is taken in the summer at the start of the MS in Telecommunications degree program, and a summer course is taken the following year, 30 credit hours can be achieved in two years (15 credit hours a year).
Independent Study courses allow students flexibility in which courses they take. (See example program plans elsewhere in the web site). Plans are in place to offer one or two Specialty Module courses in the summer, starting in 2003.