How many courses may I transfer in to the MS in Telecommunications program?

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The maximum, total number of credits that may be transfered into the MS in Telecommunications program is 12 credits. This total includes both courses taken as a non-degree student at George Mason University as well as appropriate graduate level course taken at other universities.
Graduate-level courses from universities offering ABET accredited programs may be transferred, depending on where they were taken, the grade earned in the course to be transferred, the course syllabi, and the status of the student. However, a course may only be transferred in if it will fit within the student's program of study for the MS in Telecommunications.
Assuming that courses to be transferred will be applicable within the MS in Telecommunications program, and that the grade earned in the course to be transferred is at least a B, the following rules apply: (1) Up to two courses taken from out-of-state (i.e., outside Virginia) universities may be transferred in; (2) Up to four  courses taken from UVA, VT, ODU, and VCU may be transferred in; (3) Up to four courses taken from Virginia state Universities, other than those in above, may be transferred in. However, the total number of transfered credits cannot exceed 12 credits under any circumstances.
NOTE: If a student wishes to transfer in fourthey must enter the program as regular master's students. Non-degree applicants may transfer in courses provided the total number of course credits (course(s) being taken as a non-degree student and the courses being transferred in from an outside institution) does not exceed 12. Remember that only 12 credits worth of courses may be transferred into regular status from non-degree status.