Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificates

Graduate certificates are offered to provide students the opportunity to demonstrate advanced competence in an area of telecommunications. All graduate certificates in Telecommunications require 15 credit hours of advanced course work in he respective area of specialization.
Most students earn certificates as part of their MS in Telecommunications, however, it is possible to earn a graduate certificate without also pursuing a Master's degree.
Currently certificates in the following specialization areas are available:

Degree and Certificate Programs

The graduate degree programs in Telecommunications and their requirements are described in detail in another section of this site. This introduction to our programs provides an overview for prospective students.

Graduation Conferral Process

We strongly encourage students to meet with an academic advisor during the semester prior to graduation.  Your “Plan of Study” follows your degree requirement and it will help ensure a smoother degree conferral process. If a student has any problems, the TCOM office and/or the Registrar office will notify him/her immediately.

Filing Intent of Graduation Form(GIF)

A student has to notify the university as to the dates of graduation.  A Graduation Intent Form (GIF) must be submitted, which is located on Patriot Web under the "Student Services" link and then the "Graduation Intent" link.