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Big Changes are Coming - Reorganization of Courses

Beginning with the Fall semester 2015, some big changes are coming to the TCOM program. We have reorganized the TCOM courses with the goal to eliminate the 1.5 credit half-semester courses from the program. Towards that end, we have combined pairs of 1.5 credit courses into single 3 credit hour cours. You will see these changes when the Fall schedule becomes available. Similarly, the catalog descriptions for all TCOM programs have been updated. Read on to learn about the detailed changes.

Course Information for the Spring 2011 Semester

The Spring semester is nearly here and I want to take the opportunity to welcome you back for the new semester. At the same time, this note contains some clarification and additional information about the courses offered in the MS in TCOM program in the upcoming semester. Read carefully about new or rarely offered courses, options to meet the elective core requirement, and courses offered on-line.

New University Policies for On-line Courses

The university has made some changes in its policy for distance education courses with an associated, simultaneous in-class section. This may be of interest to students even if they usually come to campus for their classes.

TCOM Distance Education Courses to Start in the Spring 2010 Semester

The MS in Telecommunications program at George Mason University will begin offering courses via the Internet in the Spring 2010 semester. Initially, two of the core courses (TCOM 500 and the course pair TCOM 501/502) will be offered. In subsequent semesters, the on-line course offerings will be increased continuously so that students can earn the MS in Telecommunications entirely on-line. We are planning to add at least two courses each semester to the on-line repertoire until the entire TCOM curriculum is available in distance education format.

Spring 2010 Class Schedule: Additional Information

You may have seen it already: the schedule for the upcoming Spring semester was published today. You can go to Patriotweb, see the schedule, and plan your course selection for the Spring semester. A few courses merit further explanation as they are either new or offered in a revised format. Read the full story for important information about additional courses that can be used to meet the elective core requirement, a new high-end networking course, a combined version of TCOM 509/29, and the introduction of distance education courses.

Two Fall 2009 Courses Expand Options for TCOM Students

In the upcoming Fall semester, the MS in Telecommunications program will offer two courses that have not been part of the regular course offerings in the recent past. A completely revamped TCOM 547 Telecommunications Project Management will focus on the many facets of managing a task as complex as a wireless systems launch; students can use this course to meet the program's elective core requirement. Additionally, a course on IP Multicasting will be offered under the course number TCOM 690 Advanced Topics in Telecommunications; this course can be used as an elective towards the ANPT certificate.

Does this program offer Independent Study courses?

Yes. A complete suite of such courses is now available for TCOM students as follows:

TCOM 590 Selected Topics in Telecommunications
TCOM 598 Independent Study
TCOM 690 Advanced Topics in Telecommunications
TCOM 696 Independent Reading and Research
TCOM 698 Telecommunications Projects Course

Do you offer evening courses evening?

All courses are either from 4:30 - 7:10 or 7:20 - 10:00 p.m. in the evening.

How can I assure my company that I earned at least a B so I can be re-imbursed for course fees?

My company will only re-imburse my course fees if I earn a grade of B or better. If I am registered as a non-degree student, my computer transcript may only show a P (for pass). How can I assure my company that I earned at least a B?

Are there different drop/add dates for 1.5 credit hour courses compared with 3 credit hour courses?

Yes, there are. There is a window of just one week. Students should make sure that they drop or add 1.5 credit hour courses within the specified times so that they are not penalized academically or financially.