Schedule of Classes

Additional Information for the Spring Semester

Welcome back to the Spring 2013 Semester. Here are a few additional pieces of information to help you with figuring out our various TCOM 590 and 690 courses and to help you with your course selection. This includes alternative offerings for 509/29, 519/39, and 548/556, new and exciting courses that are not yet listed in the catalog, additional options for satisfying the elective core requirement, and a list of courses that are available in distance education format.

Course Information for the Spring 2011 Semester

The Spring semester is nearly here and I want to take the opportunity to welcome you back for the new semester. At the same time, this note contains some clarification and additional information about the courses offered in the MS in TCOM program in the upcoming semester. Read carefully about new or rarely offered courses, options to meet the elective core requirement, and courses offered on-line.

Spring 2010 Class Schedule: Additional Information

You may have seen it already: the schedule for the upcoming Spring semester was published today. You can go to Patriotweb, see the schedule, and plan your course selection for the Spring semester. A few courses merit further explanation as they are either new or offered in a revised format. Read the full story for important information about additional courses that can be used to meet the elective core requirement, a new high-end networking course, a combined version of TCOM 509/29, and the introduction of distance education courses.