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Information for Convocation and Commencement 2011

Convocation and Commencement 2011 are coming!
Please read information regarding these events:
If you plan to participate these events, please make sure to come to the campus early enough.  Because of these events, trafic around and in the campus will be heavier than usual and also parking will not be easy to find.  

Convocation and Commencement Information

Class 2010 Graduating Students,
Please see the information for the Commencement 2010:
If you plan to attend the Commencement, please make sure to get tickets.
Plese see the information for the Convocation 2010:


Diplomas are ordered six to eight weeks after the conferral date and mailed to students.  You will receive an email from the Registrar's Office when your diploma has been ordered.  If you have any questions regarding diplomas for the MS in Telecommunications degree, please contact the Registrar office.

Graduation Withdrawal

If a student decides to delay graduation to a future term, the Registrar's Office must be notified immediately and the Graduation Intent Form (GIF) must be withdrawn. Otherwise, the student's account will be put on hold and the student will not be able to register for future classes.  The registrar's website explains the procedure in more detail.

Graduation Conferral Process

We strongly encourage students to meet with an academic advisor during the semester prior to graduation.  Your “Plan of Study” follows your degree requirement and it will help ensure a smoother degree conferral process. If a student has any problems, the TCOM office and/or the Registrar office will notify him/her immediately.

Convocation & Commencement

Convocation is the school-wide graduation ceremony and Commencement is the university-wide graduation ceremony.  Each is held once a year after the conclusion of the Spring semesters. Students who graduated in the previous Fall and Summer semesters will participate in these ceremonies. 

Filing Intent of Graduation Form(GIF)

A student has to notify the university as to the dates of graduation.  A Graduation Intent Form (GIF) must be submitted, which is located on Patriot Web under the "Student Services" link and then the "Graduation Intent" link. 


Once a student has earned about 24 credit hours, s/he is only a few simple steps away from graduation. At this stage, s/he should meet again with her/his academic advisor to verify that s/he is on course to graduate. It is important that students bring their plan of study to this meeting. The TCOM office aims to be as proactive as possible about ensuring that students graduate on schedule and without unnecessary problems.


The MS in Telecommunications follows a specific and well-defined format set forth under the section on program requirements. Students are expected to know and follow all program requirements so that they can graduate from the program.

Realistically, how long will this master's degree take?

Most students find that they can handle 6 credit hours a semester without it having a serious impact on their professional careers. Taking six credit hours every fall and spring semester, but none in the summer session, means that it will be about 30 months from start to finish for the degree. Taking courses in the summer session speeds up the degree completion, but it is not recommended that students take more than one summer course per year.