Telecommunications Certificates

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Four 15-credit certificates are offered by the MS in TCOM Program. Students may take these certificates as stand-alone items or as part of their degree program. For the former, they are required to enroll in a certificate program; for the latter, because they are already enrolled in a degree program, they need only apply for the appropriate certificate after they have satisfied requirements. The courses within the certificates are drawn directly from the MS in TCOM Program. If a student initially signs up for only a certificate program, it is possible to apply to the degree program later, if accepted to the program, students may transfer up to 12 credits into the degree program as long as the coursework previously taken doesn't exceed six years. Students must therefore ensure they are admitted to into the degree program prior to starting course work beyond 12 credits in the certificate program to ensure that all credits from the certificate program transfer into the degree program. Students may transfer in one 3-credit course from another program or institution toward their TCOM certificate, provided the course in question was passed with a B grade or higher. Students are permitted to carry one C grade within their certificate program, provided the overall GPA is 3.00 or above.

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