Selecting Your First Classes

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Once you have returned your admissions documents and you have confirmed that you will be attending George Mason University, it is time to choose your initial set of classes. It is a good idea to consult with your academic advisor in this process. There will also be an orientation meeting just prior to the start of the semester where you will receive specific program information and can resolve any lingering questions.
For most students, it is recommended to take core classes during the first semester. The reason for this recommendation is that the core classes are prerequisites for the more advanced, elective classes. Consequently, students in their first semester should plan to take:

  • TCOM 500: Modern Telecommunications
  • TCOM 521: Systems Engineering for Telecommunications Management.
  • TCOM 530: Data Communications Fundamentals
  • TCOM 535: The TCP/IP Suit of Internet Protocols

Part-time students will only take one or two of these courses depending on their schedule. The decision whether to take TCOM 530 or TCOM 535 depends on each student's preparedness in the networking area and should be made in consultation with the academic advisor.