Residence Requirement

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The university deems that a minimum of 18 credits must be taken in degree status, after admission to the degree program. This is referred to as the Residency of the Program.
This means that a student who plans to transfer credits from another institution, from another program in the Volgenau School of IT&E, or even from Non-degree status to degree-seeking status in the MS in Telecommunications must be aware of limits on the number of credits that may be transferred. The university restricts such transferred credits to 12 credits. In other words, a student must earn more than 18 credits after she enrolls in the MS in Telecommunications program.
Please be aware that a student who has taken TCOM credits while enrolled in another program in the Volgenau School of IT&E is still subject to this rule. In this case, a formal transfer of credit is not required. However, a student who has accumulated more than 12 credits already before transferring to the TCOM program may lose some of these credits because of this rule.
The residence requirement for certificate programs is 9 credit hours.