Planning for Life after Graduation

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Many TCOM students are already full time employees of companies around the area.  After they receive their diploma or/and certificates, many of them are promoted or/and find better opportunities.
While there are a few companies that have direct ties with GMU, the bulk of students in, or graduating from, the School of IT&E find employment with a range of local organizations relatively easily. There are more IT organizations per square mile in the Northern Virginia area than anywhere else in the USA, including Silicon Valley, so there is usually no problem in finding employment after graduation. The most popular areas for students to receive job offers are in protocols/networks. Hence the popularity of the ANPT certificate in the TCOM program. After protocols/networks, the wireless communications area is the next most popular for international students and TFAS and WIRE certificates are popular among domestic students.  Some employers for TCOM graduates are various federal government offices, including DOD, local government offices, Lockheed Martin, Teleworx, General Dynamics, CSC, Fanniemae, Juniper Networks, AOL, Northrop Grumman Tasc, Andrew, Verizon, Sprint, Booz Allen Hamilton, etc.  Many international students are offered CPT positions from various companies, too.