Enrollment and Re-enrollment

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Enrollment: A student must send a confirmation to the Admissions Office after he/she receives the written offer of admission to the TCOM program.  If a student would like to defer the offered semester, he/she needs to notify the Admissions Office in writing as soon as possible.  A student can defer only 2 semester but not more.  If a student has any questions, he/she should contact the Admissions Office.
Re-enrollment: A student who has not taken classes for two consecutive semesters will usually have to complete an “Application for Re-enrollment” form and submit it to the TCOM office.  If a student is an in-state student, he/she will need to fill in the “In-State Tuition Rate” form.  Without the “In-State Tuition Rate” form, the Registrar will automatically re-enroll him/her as an “Out-of –State” status. 
If a student is not in good academic standing (a student has 2 or more F’s or three or more C’s) and requests to re-enroll, she must successfully appeal before the re-enrollment can be approved.