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Substitution/Waiver Form

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Purpose: The substitution/waiver form is used to request that a requirement in a student’s academic program, either MS in Telecommunications or a graduate certificate, be met by an alternate course. Such an alternate course may either be a transfer course from a different institution, even though it is not considered equivalent to a Mason course, or a Mason course not usually applied to meet the requirement. 
Also, the form is used to request that, on some clearly-detailed basis, a requirement in the student’s academic program be waived.  This waiver does not waive or give credit hours.
Any substitutions or waivers should be clearly annotated on the student's Plan of Studies. Generally, substitutions or waivers will not be approved unless students have developed a complete Plan of Studies.
Submit the completed form to the Program Office for approval.
Download: Substitution/Waiver Form
                  Substituion/Waiver Form Example