Master's Degree Plan of Study Form

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Purpose: The plan serves as a roadmap for the student during the course of the program; it is developed in consultation with the student's advisor. Most importantly, the plan of studies signed by the advisor or Program Director assures students that they are on track for the MS in Telecommunications, and possibly one or more graduate certificates. As long as a student follows an approved plan of studies, their graduation application will be approved.
An initial Plan of Study form for the M.S. degree should be completed and submitted by the student during student's second semester.  Students will keep the original plan and the program office retains a copy.
Clearly, even the best laid plans change. To discuss changes to your plan with your advisor, bring the original plan and update it in consultation with your advisor.  If the initial plan is changed, a final, signed version must be submitted by the student one semester before graduation.
To help you fill out your plan of studies, we have provided an example plan of studies.
Download: Plan of Study Form