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Change of Program

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Purpose: The Change of Program form is used by students who are currently enrolled in another graduate degree program at George Mason University and wish to pursue the MS in Telecommunications instead. Changing the degree program is an important decision that should be carefully considered and discussed with your current advisor and the Program Director of the Telecommunications program.
The form is also used by current Telecommunications students who wish to pursue another degree program.
The completed form is submitted to the Program Office. When transferring into the Telecommunications program, students are responsible to obtain the signatures of their current academic advisor and from the chair person of their current degree program.
Important Notes: Newly admitted students have to remain in the degree program into which they have been admitted for at least one semester. A transfer request cannot be approved until students have completed at least one semester in their original degree program. Also, students must remember that at least 18 credits towards a Master's degree must be earned while the student is enrolled in the degree program. This generally means that students must transfer no later than the semester in which they will complete 12 hours of graduate credit. Finally students in provisional status must first meet all conditions in their admissions contract and transfer to regular degree-seeking status before they can change degree programs.
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